iSpeech Toddler Sign Language


The iSpeech Toddler Sign Language iPhone and iPod touch application will teach educators, parents and children  fundamental words that can be signed using sign language techniques.

The module was created with the assistance of a certified speech and language pathologist who specializes in Early Intervention Programs for children with special needs.  A total of 2 volumes are included; for a total of 60 commonly used words.

The signs in this application may help children with developmental delays or children who are too young to articulate words to communicate with the people around them.

The application includes the following;

  • Detailed illustration of each sign
  • Definition/Meaning of the sign
  • Explanation on how to replicate the sign
  • Detailed animation of the sign with two animated children; Sadie and Sammy.

This current release contains 30 signs with Sadie
and 30 signs with Sammy.

Note:  It is recommend this application is downloaded via iTunes and then transferred to your iPhone or iPod touch.

The iSpeech Toddler Sign Language Application is available in iTunes – Keyword -iSpeech Toddler Sign Language

Below are some sample screenshots.