iMTS – Mobile Training Solution

iMTS – Mobile Training Solution


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The iMTS suite of software provides educational and training institutions the ability to disseminate training material to a large audience base in a safe, controlled, and secure manner.  Using the iMTS software solution with a wireless network, users are now able to sync large volumes of information to multiple devices thereby allowing for a fast, efficient, and safe distribution of lecture material, training material or sales brochures in an easy to use, navigation-friendly format.  The iMTS software solution provides the ability to display PowerPoint slides with instructor notes, graphics, formatted text, video, audio and PDF files in the iMTS iPhone/iPod Touch Application.

The iMTS -Mobile Training Solution consists of a suite of software that is both PC and Mac compatible.  The software suite consists of the following components:

  • iMTS iPhone/iPod Touch Application
  • PPT Plug-in
  • iMTS Utility
  • iMTS Sync

Each component of the software package performs a specific function in creating the Mobile Training Solution.  The iMTS iPhone and iPod touch Application is a container that holds all the education material, whereas the PPT Plug-in provides the ability to leverage existing training and educational material by reformating PowerPoint files into a format that can be used by the iMTS Utility.  The iMTS Utility is used to create the navigation structure, associate files, and format the required data using an easy to use interface that is both PC and Mac compatible.  The final piece of software is the iMTS Sync; available in both a PC and Mac version, that loads the data into the iMTS iPhone and iPod touch application via a wireless network.  This software package allows even the most novice computer user to build professional mobile training solutions.

For a detailed explanation of each software component and tutorials select the appropriate link for each element.

The iMTS Application is available in iTunes – Keyword -iMTS-Mobile Training Solution

Below are some sample screenshots of data formatted with the iMTS Utility, loaded into the iPhone using the iMTS Sync and viewed using iMTS iPhone/iPod touch application.


iTouchiMTS_Screenshot_004*Note:  It is possible to load data using the iMTS Synch and then lock the application by selecting the Lock Button.  Locking the application will prevent new data from overwriting previous data.